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Izabela Bieńkowska, Krzysztof Polok


ISBN: 978-83-66550-39-1

e-ISBN: 978-83-66550-40-7

Liczba stron: 234
Format: B5
Oprawa: miękka
Rok wydania: 2020

Cena: 48,00 zł

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The book contains as many as twenty one different issues that have to be looked into because of many (both external and internal) reasons. Not only can its readers discover various strictly didactic pieces of information, but also refresh their knowledge in the areas that smoothly join practice with theory. In this way the learners can refresh their knowledge on what teaching/learning a foreign language is; but also they can find information on how to behave in the classroom: what forms of activity are recommended and what not; what to pay attention to when teaching grammar or lexis; how to stimulate the students so that they are eager enough to start working in a divergent way; and what to do to offer a lesson plan that would be able to meet the learners’ expectations. The most important purposes the book is to fulfil are as follows: to help the teachers become more proficient ones; to let them find out what the principal language teaching/learning goals are; to let them construe language lessons independently (i.e. on the grounds of their own decisions, with total exclusion of the pieces of advice found in teacher books); and – last but not least- to stimulate their creative nature so as to have the learners become individually inclined in the processes leading to enlargement of their language-connected knowledge/ proficiency. Obviously, the answers whether these aims have been fulfilled rest in the hands of the book users.